Board Meeting Notes — June 2022

Saylor’s will be home to upcoming FHA Board Meetings | photo from Saylor’s Restaurant | post by Larry Clinton

Here are some of the items that were discussed or decided on at the june 14 FHA Board Meeting. More details will be reported later in the Floating Times.

  • The Board approved expenses of $581.00 over–budget for Day in the Park equipment and Pet Parade prizes. FHA VP Pete Hudson is tentatively scheduling an October Day in the Park to coincide with Artists of Issaquah.
  • Steve Sekhon (Compass Realty) has contacted a concrete barge fabricator in the Delta and is preparing a survey of barge needs in our community.
  • Sasha Cole (Commodore) provided information about a legislative process to expand the Floating Homes Residency Law to include rent stabilization.
  • FHA President Michael Labate has reserved a private room at Saylor’s Restaurant for FHA Board in person meetings beginning July 2022. Later, the executive committee agreed that these will be hybrid (in person and on Zoom) for the foreseeable future.
  • The Board is seeking volunteer Humming Toadfish Kazoo marchers for Sausalito’s 4th of July Parade.
  • Michael Labate will contact Mollie Stone’s for any broken carts to salvage for parts.  Pete Hudson will determine how many carts are needed for all docks.
  • The search continues to find a webmaster to replace Jim Rettew. The Board hopes to find a qualified volunteer from the community but may consider contracting with a professional on an interim basis until a volunteer is found and trained. If you or someone you know is interested, contact Jim.
  • Ex-FHA President Henry Baer discussed injuries sustained on WPH docks due to warped planks. Michael Labate proposed to write a letter to all the marinas advising of hazards caused by poor maintenance and requesting appropriate repairs.
  • Private Tours Co-Chair Mari Steeno suggested revising the private tours fee schedule for groups 20 or less to $1,000, and groups over 20 with maximum of 40 to $1,800. Mari and co-Chair Kelly English have scheduled tours on October 13 and November 4. Mari worked with a graphic designer to create a flyer. They seek volunteers to help market these lucrative tours.
  • Environmental Chair Doug Young reported that Waldo Point Harbor will install an EV station near the Issaquah entrance for an approximate cost of $35,000. It will be for WPH residents only.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 12, 2022