Board Meeting Notes — Aug 2023

Let’s keep the new carts available to residents and working well | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Here are some of the items that were discussed or decided on at the August 8 FHA Board Meeting. More details will be reported later in the Floating Times.

  • FHA Treasurer Linda Futrell reported that income from membership dues continues to outpace budget projections but overall income for the year to date is almost $25,000 below budget.
  • The current membership total is 195 of the 400 berths in our community.
  • East Pier alternate rep Jason Landis has updated the FHA new member packet. Check back here for an announcement when it is posted on the FHA website.
  • FHA President Pete Hudson is looking into membership software programs that can keep track of memberships and communicate with the FHA site.
  • The FHA will continue to reimburse docks for expenses for activities such as parties, dock upgrades, etc. up to $10 per berth. To qualify, receipts must be submitted by dock reps to Linda Futrell before the end of the calendar year.
  • The FHA is considering a restructuring of membership dues for next year. Residents will be notified in advance with a chance to lock in current rates before any changes go into effect.
  • Tam Morgan is replacing Nancy Hardaway as Main Dock alternate rep. The Board thanked Nancy for her service.
  • Representatives of the FHA met with Waldo Point Harbor management to discuss possible changes to the recent rent stabilization law (AB 252A). Assemblymember Damon Conolly has introduced a proposed change to the law which needs further refinement. The FHA is pursuing a meeting with Connolly to discuss this.
  • With the delivery of 44 new shopping carts, dock reps are responsible for to keeping shopping carts secure discouraging theft and misuse by contractors, house cleaners and other workers. Wording for signage created by Chris Jones of Gate 6 ½ was shared with each dock. Main Dock securing carts with combination locks. The combination is meant to be shared with residents only. Contractors are encouraged to bring their own conveyances.
  • The Marketing & PR Committee is working on a social media presence for the FHA and is involved in the planning for the October 29 A Day in the Park.
  • The Legislative Advocacy Committee is setting up a meeting with the County Community Development Department to discuss how to close loopholes for new boats moving into existing slips.