Bay Cleanup Makes a Difference

Oscar Melet directing traffic
Jay Alexander (W. Pier) joined the cleanup
Nikki Melet pulled a large tarp out of the water | this photo by Stone Melet
Oscar with friends from his Naval Sea Cadets group
What took a chunk out of this styrofoam block???
Oscar's sister Bea Melet hefts a bag of bay trash | other photos by Nikki Melet

About 20 people attended the May 1 Bay cleanup sponsored by 13-year old Oscar Melet of Gate 6 ½. Oscar’s mom, Nikki, reported that the group retrieved a large tarpaulin, styrofoam, ChapStick, a pill bottle and more. “We noticed there was way less trash than last year,” she pointed out optimistically. “Maybe people are being more diligent about not littering.”

Let’s hope so.