Art Exhibit at the Sausalito Library

Alex’s painting Sausalito Richardson Bay/Nocturne #2 | photo from Currents | post by Larry Clinton

Selections from the Sausalito Reflections series of paintings by local artist Alex Nizovsky are on display at the Sausalito Library during open hours through Sunday, July 23.

The eleven canvases in the exhibit include scenes of the floating homes community and of reflections and patterns on the waters of Richardson Bay and the Golden Gate.

Says Nizovsky, “Drawing inspiration from the visionary works of David Hockney and Jonas Wood, my paintings blend neo-realism and cartoon pop-art styles to create vibrant compositions that radiate serenity, calm, and a touch of local mystery.”

A Russian émigré, Nizovsky moved to Marin City nine years ago. Like Hockney, he enjoys painting his neighborhood, particularly our floating homes community, and told the Floating Times, “I enjoy catching a Shangri-La moment where the sky, water and unique homes are personally inspiring.”

On his website, Nizovsky adds, “This exhibition is a celebration of the enchanting Sausalito waterfront life that captures the hearts of many. I have poured my artistic passion into the creation of a collection of paintings that may transport you to the picturesque house boats, charming wooden docks and embankments, and magical water reflections that define this remarkable location.”

Here’s how Nizovsky describes his technique: “I work in series, delving into each topic across multiple canvases over time. I use a variety of techniques and media, including painting, drawing, and collage, to achieve my desired effect.”

All of the works in the exhibit are available for purchase, with 100% of proceeds going to the artist.