A@I Raises Large Donation for Arts Plus

John Schlag, (l.) and Jen Gennari (r.) flank Arts Plus board member Glenda Gentry and Sausalito-Marin City art teacher Ellen Franz, holding check  |  Photo by John Schlag  |  post by Jen Gennari

The return of the Artists@Issaquah Art Show and Sale brought a crowd of over 400 people to Issaquah Dock to see established and pre-professional artwork by floating home residents. Visitors and neighbors attending the free event donated generously, raising $825 for Arts Plus.

Co-organizers John Schlag and Jen Gennari presented the check to art teacher Ellen Franz and board member Glenda Gentry, who were wowed by the size of the donation. Arts Plus, which bounced back after the pandemic and the merger of the Sausalito-Marin City schools, provides funding for art supplies, afterschool art studio time, and individual music lessons.

In the afterschool program, volunteers create alongside the students. If artists are interested in volunteering, please contact Ellen. “It’s an opportunity for the students to see that art isn’t something you do just when you are in school,” she says. “It’s something adults do, too.”