Add a Flashlight to Your Nightstand

Ready when needed  |  photo and post courtesy of Flo Hoylman

Since this is Emergency Preparedness Month, each week we’re sharing safety tips provided by Emergency Preparedness Chair Flo Hoylman:

Expect the power to be out during a major emergency. That fun flashlight function on your phone? It’s not going to last long without power to plug it in. Plus, your phone is a key source of communication and information. By relying on a flashlight for emergency events, you can see what’s going on around you and preserve your phone’s power.

The best option—a hand-crank or solar-powered power + light option.

Pro Tip: secure your flashlight! Just like your shoes (and everything else) your flashlight is no good if you can’t find it after it’s been tossed by an earthquake. Throw it in your nightstand drawer, or between your mattress and box-spring.

Bonus tip: remember to test the batteries in your flashlight and smoke alarms when you change the clocks during daylight savings time twice a year.