A King Tides Walk and the King Tides Project

It’s easy to feel inundated (pun intended) by the recent and seemingly endless posts about king tides and local flooding. 

Here are two unique opportunities – with the last of this season’s king tides – to wade in (metaphorically speaking) and get up close and personal.  |  post by Jenny Stein

UPDATE: Sadly the January 21st walk is already booked up; but do keep an eye out for walks surely to be scheduled in the coming year. Not to totally disappoint, there is something that you can do this year during the remaining king tides. SF Bay NERR would love photographs from four distinct vantage points at China Camp: they are especially interested in photographs of N. San Pedro Road beginning to flood, as outlined by following this link to their site.

WHEN: January 21, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

WHERE: Turtle Back Nature Trail

King Tide Nature Walk at China Camp

Last chance of the season! Come to China Camp State Park on January 21st to take a beautiful walk while learning about local sea level rise research. Join scientist and educator Sarah Ferner from San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve for a short walk near the edge of China Camp’s tidal salt marsh during one of the highest high tides of the year—a King Tide. Nature should put on a quietly beautiful show as the rising tide slowly floods the marsh. We will learn about the marsh, scientific research occurring there, and what king tides can teach us about sea level rise. Bring your camera to participate in California King Tide Initiative’s citizen science photo monitoring.  (see below)

Registration is required through Friends of China Camp. To register, contact Bethanie Gilbert of FOCC at 415-456-0766 or abay2315@pacbell.net. (SF Bay NERR post by Sarah Ferner)

The King Tides Project

The King Tides Project helps people all over the world understand how sea level rise will impact their lives. King Tides Project International is an initiative delivered by a network of organizers on coastlines around the world. We are citizen scientists, capturing data and images showing what the future sea levels will be and what is at risk.

Very simply, this is a world-wide program to photograph and document the rising waters along our coastlines. Their tagline? “Snap the shore — See the future.” It’s very clever, really: a snapshot of our local shorelines and landmarks, taken today at the highest tides, provides a very real glimpse of what our future holds in store. 

The King Tides Project is a fun way to explore your community, while supporting scientists and decision makers to plan for future sea level rise. We are an international network bringing awareness to climate change and the impact of sea level rise. There is also an opportunity to connect with participants and organizers around the world. Communities around the world are joining the King Tides Project.

To connect locally go to California King Tides.