1st Annual Issaquah Pumpkin Bash

The L on Issaquah Dock—pumpkin carving central—Sunday Oct 22
Impressive knife skills combine with expressive personalities for a colorful mix
(l-r) Issaquah dock alt Ali Johnston, and dock reps Sandy Harford and Rob Kabus—organizers of the 1st Annual Issaquah Pumpkin Bash
The art of the jack-o-lantern—the launch of a TeRRiFic annual event
Happy Halloween!  | photos by Emily Riddell  |  post by Jenny Stein

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Carving jack-o-lanterns is a great excuse for a dock party—not that Issaquah needs much prodding to gather at the L. Last Sunday Oct. 22 was the scene of the first ever annual Issaquah Pumpkin Bash. Check out the results!