Galilee Dock Closed Over Complaints About Anchor-Outs

Earlier this month we reported that an attorney for Galilee Harbor had asked the Bay Conservation and Development Commission for approval to remove a launch float because of alleged misuse and damage by some anchor-outs. That request was approved, and the dock disappeared on April 22. According to an article... Read more

Masks Now Mandatory

As of Wednesday morning, April 22, people over the age of 12 in Marin and other Bay Area counties are required to wear face masks in public. It is now mandatory to cover our noses and mouths when we leave home to go to the doctor, grocery store or other... Read more

Evil Eye Goes Back on Market

“Shel Silverstein’s whimsical houseboat floats onto the market in Sausalito.” That’s the headline on a recent L.A. Times news item. Known as the Evil Eye, the home sold for $375,000 in 2017, and after some remodeling is now listed at $783,000. Times staff writer Jack Flemming describes the 1200-square foot... Read more

The Changing Face of the Pandemic

The Marin County Public Health and Human Services Department  receives regular updates on cases of respiratory illness from all Marin County Emergency Departments (ED), and from Emergency Medical Services (EMS). As of Monday, April 13, the HMMS reports there have been 2,145 people tested for COVID-19 in Marin, resulting in... Read more

Joe Novitski Gives Online Talk on WIND STAR

On Wednesday evening East Pier’s Joe Novitski will Zoom the story of the men who dreamed up, designed, built and sailed WIND STAR, the first sailing cruise ship and the first commercial sailing ship in two generations. Joe’s presentation, part of the Sausalito Yacht Club’s Lecture Series, will be streamed... Read more

Rockin’ in Place

Throughout our community, people are finding creative ways to get together and let off steam—all at a safe distance. Annabelle Joy of Liberty Dock invited her friend Chloe Jean to sing and play keyboards on a motorized float one recent Friday night. Previously, Fiver Brown had given a similar performance.... Read more

Latest Anchor-Out Developments

  The Marin IJ recently reported that the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency has filed its plan with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission to keep the anchorage clear of marine debris and derelict vessels. In December, the BCDC directed the agency and Sausalito to submit plans by March 31 on... Read more

Sheltering in Paradise

As we cope with the coronavirus quarantine, Jane and I have been trying to find special places to walk each afternoon. Recently we strolled Cavallo Point. When I sent the photo below to Jane’s daughter Jennifer, she replied: “What you two call quarantine other people would call honeymoon!” Mother Nature... Read more

Lance Belville Exits Stage Left

Lance Sherman Belville, playwright, theatre director, and journalist died of congestive heart failure March 14, 2020 in his West Pier floating home in Sausalito in the embrace of his wife and artistic partner, Lynn Lohr. Belville always lived somewhere dramatic, from the Mississippi River town of his birth, Winona, to... Read more

RBRA Explores Anchor-Out Solutions

On Thursday, March 12, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) had its monthly meeting at Tiburon Town Hall. The meeting was highly anticipated because of two recent requirements laid down from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC). Those requirements were 1) the RBRA was to remove from Richardson’s Bay... Read more