Floating Times Editor Abducted by Aliens

Not far from the truth. And not an April Fools post, though I had hoped to end with a 3rd such post, given how much I enjoyed springing the first 2 on an unsuspecting readership. In case you missed them, here they are again: Plans Unveiled for Pier 39-Style Park at WPH and East Pier Floating Home Sells for $12 Mil.

After 2 and a half years—first getting The Blog rolling and then shepherding the Floating Times into its current digital format—it’s time. I like writing and taking photos, and I’ve enjoyed my time at the FT. I loved being rewarded when I would reach out to potential sources for that additional something that would give a story heft: a photo or video, a quote or personal observation.

Sadly, the very thing that encouraged me to take on the role in the first place—that I could do this from any computer anywhere in the world—is now my weak spot. I’m too often away and for longer stretches of time. I can’t help but believe I would be creating such different posts, and more of them, from the vantage point of being physically in the community, were I there. Someone on the ground, in Sausalito, is what’s needed.

I’ll stay on as contributing editor—a fancy way of saying I’ll still write stories—or hope I will. I would encourage more of you to send in a photo or item, an observation, or a longer piece if you’re inclined. Our community is an untapped wealth of creative talent: writers, photographers, story tellers and observers. Start small—decide to contribute one item over the course of the next year. And then take care to follow through. It doesn’t even have to be words. It could be a story told entirely with photos.

My favorite post: Cloud Cover for a UFO?!? One reason I chose to close with this post—which I count as one of my all-time favorite contributions (thank you, Donna Lunsford)—is that there is so little there. And yet, between snapping the photo, ferreting out a few details, and then sending in the lot to us editors, it was enough for a lovely post. Visual. Humorous. Informative. A moment.

I’m also opening up this post for comments—this post only. [see comments box below] Comments is a feature we’ve discussed activating, but have held back. We’d need someone to moderate. Having an active forum where we could discuss matters central to our community could be a gold mine. Or a minefield. As I close out my time as co-editor, I invite your comments. I’d particularly like to hear your thoughts on what you see as the value (or potential value) of the Floating Times to the community.

with great fondness,

Jenny Stein

2 Replies to “Floating Times Editor Abducted by Aliens

  1. Thank you so much for your attention to detail, vision, and commitment! You will be missed although I know you will continue to send in stories.

  2. When are you coming home? I miss you. Your plants miss you. The tree planter you did before you left is coming back in all it’s glory. The poppies? gorgeous! I pull tiny weeds every time I go by to make sure the violas, lobelia, and poppies have a clean home. Sadly the raccoons got to your apples before they had a chance to mature. The little bags that were supposed to protect the fruit from the birds, were no match for our masked friends. The geese are enthusiastically disturbing the peace, and hopefully we will have some little goslings in our midst shortly. Hope you are well and look forward to seeing you very soon.

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