The Series Moves to the Sausalito Woman’s Club

I’m Ink, Therefore I Am: the Wit and Gentle Humor of Phil Frank On January 30 the Sausalito Public Library’s documentary film series moves to the Sausalito Woman’s Club for a special Saturday evening tribute to Phil Frank, the cartoonist, writer and historian who was one of Sausalito’s most beloved residents until he... Read more

A King Tides Walk and the King Tides Project

It’s easy to feel inundated (pun intended) by the recent and seemingly endless posts about king tides and local flooding.  Here are two unique opportunities – with the last of this season’s king tides – to wade in (metaphorically speaking) and get up close and personal.  |  post by Jenny Stein UPDATE:... Read more

The Library’s Documentary Film Series Continues

  The Sausalito Public Library’s documentary series continues with short films that feature two of Sausalito’s most celebrated residents: artist Jean Varda and philosopher Alan Watts. Uncle Yanco is the beautifully remastered 2015 version of Greek filmmaker Agnes Varda’s 1967 film about the life and ideas of her distant relative Jean Varda, who... Read more

Life and (Near) Death at the Flea Market

In the ’80s, my lady friend Sharron and I were regulars at the old Marin City Flea Market. It had been around for decades, and was considered among the biggest and finest flea markets in the Bay Area. Sharron was a true flea market aficionado—she bought most of her clothes... Read more

Issaquah Rocks the Seahorse

video by Ed Lopez | post by Mari Steeno The Issaquah Holiday Party at the Seahorse was a huge success. The organizers were Julie Durbin, Michele Affronte, Mari Steeno and Jennifer Gennari. The 60 residents and friends that attended were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne. There... Read more

Sausalito Public Library Documentary Film Series 2016

This year’s Sausalito Public Library documentary series begins with screenings of two films about Sausalito’s anchor-out community.  Ale Ekstrom’s Boat House is a 2013 short made for KQED News by Noam Eshel and Sam Harnett. The film is a moving tribute to the live-aboard who was the community’s longest resident... Read more

January High Tide WARNING

    High Tides are here again. Avoid parking along the water’s edge for at least an hour before and an hour after these high tides. Parking lots that haven’t been recently raised may flood if, or in event of a low pressure front or unfavorable wind conditions. Warn your Guests! A few 2016... Read more

Preparing for Thunderstorms and Lightning Strikes

Are you prepared for the winter season and the lightning and thunder that occurs during a storm? All thunderstorms are dangerous because every thunderstorm produces lightning which can seriously hurt or kill people. Lightning can strike as far as ten miles away from any rainfall. Thunderstorms are also dangerous because they... Read more