Two Private Tours in One Day

Sally Champe (r.) engages visitors during a previous group tour | photo by Larry Clinton | post by Brad Hathaway

On May 19, as crowds on the lawn at Van Damme Park enjoyed Day in the Park, the FHA’s tour committee had the inaugural run of its new format for group tours. Two groups of about a dozen each were led off to see what our unique lifestyle has to offer. Both groups were led by a community historian but one group had paid just to visit two docks while the other paid a bit more to also visit a home on each dock.

The former group, led by the very knowledgeable Flo Hoylman, went south to tread Main Dock and South 40 Pier for about an hour while the second group went north to A Dock and East Pier with Brad Hathaway.

On A Dock they were welcomed aboard #16 by long-time resident Sally Champe who combined stories of her unique home with a history of the dock itself. Then Hathaway led the group over to the Kappas Marina’s East Pier where his wife Teddie waited to welcome them aboard the Water Song at #30.

All the participants seemed thrilled with the view into life on the water in this wonderful community.