Tsunami Rolls in — Barely

Troubled waters? Hardly! | Video clip from Leni Miller | post by Larry Clinton

On Saturday morning, phones were buzzing with voice mails, texts and emails warning of a tsunami advisory. Triggered by an underwater volcanic eruption in the South Pacific, a series of wave surges was expected to plow into the bay throughout the day, with water possibly rising to king tide levels.

Floating home residents moved cars to higher ground, hastily inspected mooring lines, and soothed nervous loved ones checking in from out of town. But the bay remained glassy and lovely.

There were reports of light damage at the Cove apartments in Tiburon, but the floating homes remained high and dry.  At about 3:00 in the afternoon, Leni Miller saw some strange currents and took a brief video.

All in all, it was even more of a nothing–burger than the Fukushima earthquake tsunami of February, 2011. You can compare the two events by viewing 2011 videos by neighbors Dennis Bayer and Ashley Brown.