Swimming in a Sea of Talent

Oct 18 MJ Roberts reads her very moving short story "Stick Figures" to dock members at Ted and Malia Rudolf's bi-monthly salon held in their Issaquah Dock floating home.  Follow this link to read Stick Figures.
Malia Rudolf introduces local author Frank Ostaseski at the Rudolph's July 20 salon.
Frank Ostaseski reads from his recently published book "The Five Invitations"—Local Author to Read at Book Passage... | photos by Emily Riddell  | post by Jenny Stein

A Boatload of Books—the place to find published works from and about our community—is easily accessed by clicking Boatload of Books in the column at right.

Here are several new—and recently added—titles:



In Our Hands, Wilford Welch. A handbook for intergenerational actions to solve the climate crisis, with an easy-to-understand primer on global warming and specific actions to take to bring about a positive future. The book is a guide to creating a global movement focused on solutions. (2017)




Moondrifter Reverie, Keith Emmons. A volume of poetry, narrating 1970s houseboat life, by the poet and builder who designed and built the Train Wreck. (Red Mountain Press, 2017)