Local Weather Forecasts

You can purchase your own Personal Weather Station from Weather Underground | photo from Wunderground | post by Richard Pavek

Unfortunately, none of the local TV weather services accurately reports North Richardson Bay weather; nor does the Weather Channel’s banner for Sausalito.

The only one forecaster that does is Weather Underground, a San Francisco-based forecasting service built on a network of 180,000 reporting stations. WU has dozens of local wi-fi reporting stations around North Richardson Bay that provide accurate, up-to-the-minute local conditions. When you sign up for WU you choose from among the local stations. Forecasts are updated hourly.

In addition to their website, Weather Underground supplies nifty Android, iOS and Roku apps that automatically find the closest station wherever you live or travel. Basic is free, ad free versions are available for a small annual fee.

Here is the link to a Weather Underground reporting station in our community.

Weather Underground (WUTV) airs on the Weather Channel, 3-5PM Pacific, weekdays.