Kazooers on Parade

Louise (aka Poseidon) helps her daughter Ailey rehearse before parade
David Gordon and Louise live in an upside down world
Clare waves while Linda and Katherine toot their own horns
Clare recruits a potential mermaid princess for the future  |  photos by Jung Vu  |  post by Larry Clinton

July 4 started out a little gloomy in Sausalito, but that didn’t deter a hard-core contingent from turning out to march in the annual Independence Day parade. They gathered in Hurricane Gulch to get in gear, get in tune, and get in step, and then made their way proudly along the parade route, tootling a selection of maritime and patriotic airs—everything from “Stars and Stripes Forever” to “Yellow Submarine.”

David Gordon from Liberty Dock volunteered to carry the FHA banner, along with membership chair Louise Simpson, who dressed as Poseidon for the occasion. He suggested carrying the banner upside down, “Since we live in an upside down world.” It generated lots of conversations along the way.

Trailing the Kazoo band was mermaid princess Clare Vu (Gate 6-1/2) in the Mercedes convertible of neighbor Linda Zraik.

More and more neighbors joined the parade en route, so the Humming Toadfish Kazoo Band presented a formidable force by the time they passed the reviewing stand outside City Hall. By then the skies had cleared, making everyone ready for the community picnic at Dunphy Park.

Louise is already looking forward to next year’s parade, so why not plan to join us?