What Have We Done For You Lately?

CERT training is just one service offered by the FHA | photo by Flo Hoylman | post by Larry Clinton

Membership in the Floating Homes Association is one of the great bargains — just $25 a year or $65 for three years. To join or renew for 2018, just fill out the online membership application to pay by credit card, or print out a copy of the application and send it with your check to the address at the bottom of the form.

What have we done for you lately? So far this year, the FHA has provided:

  • free new shopping carts
  • free smoke alarm installations
  • free emergency response training
  • free water-side house numbers to help water-borne first responders find you in an emergency
  • free Floating Times newsletter and comprehensive website
  • discounted emergency backpacks
  • subsidies for dock activities
  • firefighting exercises
  • coastal clean-up
  • tips for saving energy
  • composting bins and bags
  • e-waste collection
  • plus our annual free membership meeting and party

Your support of the FHA will allow us to continue these and other ongoing programs, such as sponsoring legislation to protect floating homeowners’ rights—and to make it easier for residents to buy their marina if and when it is put up for sale. We’re currently pursuing federal legislation which would provide a tax incentive to marina owners who choose to sell to residents rather than outside buyers.

Community emergency response—because our needs are so unique, the FHA set a goal to have at least two Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members on every dock, with training reimbursed by the FHA. The FHA purchased two heavy-duty pumps to pump out sinking houseboats, plus other life-saving equipment, stored in our Emergency Response trailer. We also provide pertinent info for new/prospective members including Safety Dos and Don’ts.

The FHA monitors County Building Codes and regulations, as well as the activities of the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency and other regulatory bodies.

The FHA has generated national and international publicity (all positive) for our community through our annual tour and by working with interested media professionals. This publicity has helped increase the valuation of every floating home.

In the past, the FHA successfully helped convince state and local governments to designate our homes real property. Result: we can deduct our mortgage payments. We were also able to get assessments and sewage fees lowered for our homes.

Floating Homeowners Insurance—because of threats of cancellation from insurance companies the FHA found insurers, including the FAIR Plan, that provide relatively inexpensive basic property insurance. Going forward, we’ll be looking for other opportunities to make our amazing lifestyle even better.

The FHA has donated thousands of dollars to local non-profits, including the Sausalito Schools Foundation, Marine Mammal Center and the Sausalito Historical Society. Friends of the Marin City Library, Sausalito Village and the Bay Model will benefit from the proceeds of this year’s tour.

All of these accomplishments have been achieved by volunteers from the community.

If you know neighbors who haven’t yet joined the FHA, please share this information with them and let them know how much their support is appreciated.