From East Pier to the Oscars

Will Parrinello and John Antonelli—Mill Valley Film Group—outside their film production office on East Pier  |  photo by Robin Mortarotti  |  post by Larry Clinton
On location in Rome  |  MVFG interview David Giovannoni for Movies Around the World  |  photo by Giuseppe Mineo
Mill Valley Film Group at the Oscars  |  L to R Will's wife Kate Littleboy, John Antonelli, Will Parrinello, and John's daughter Mia
Mill Valley Film Group at the Oscars  |  L to R Will Parrinello, Will's wife Kate Littleboy, John's daughter Mia and John Antonelli

On the recent Oscar telecast, one of the things that went right was a showing of the short film “Movies Around the World,” which was made by two filmmakers whose studio is on East Pier. Here’s how Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik described their contribution to the telecast:

“Every year, documentarians John Antonelli and Will Parrinello of the Mill Valley Film Group make short films that describe the work of winners of the Goldman Environmental Prizes. In many ways, they are the heart of the Goldman ceremonies, giving viewers an understanding of what each honoree has accomplished in what physical surroundings, and also sharing a glimpse of each honoree’s character. Prize recipients come from every continent, and the filmmakers travel around the world to make these documentaries. John and Will have a studio on East Pier. The project was the idea of Steven Spielberg.

“The filmmakers’ premise is that the experience of watching a movie is universal. Their concept: ‘When we watch and listen together, we’re all immersed in our own private yet collective consciousness. We each have our own unique take on the stories that unfold before us, but we also experience it as one mind, one heart, whether we are in Rome or Beijing, Rio or Rwanda or even Paris.'”

As Will Parrinello wrote to East Pier neighbor Wilford Welch, “John Antonelli and I have been on a wonderful journey these past nine weeks, traveling around the world making a short film for the Academy Awards.”  John and Will attended the ceremony, but did not appear in the telecast.  You’ll be able to view “Movies Around the World” at the end of the month—check back here for a link (below) to the Academy website, or (with luck) to see the film featured here on this page.  In the meantime, to see some of John and Will’s work, go here:

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