Fresh Local Produce at Marin City Market Day

Jane Clinton (r.) checks out a basket of groceries with Karen Strolia of Covia | photo and post by Larry Clinton

The Marin City Community Services District is now hosting a Market Day each Tuesday featuring fresh local produce at below wholesale prices.

Operating Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30, the open-air market is held in front of the senior center, 630 Drake Avenue at Phillips. Jane and I strolled over there to check it out, and discovered that the Services District has partnered with Covia, a nonprofit public benefit organization, to put this market on.

The market was only in its third week of operation when we visited and had a small but varied selection of fruits and vegetables, ranging from collard greens to ruby red grapefruits. Selections change weekly.

The goodies come from Marin/Sonoma Produce which delivers fresh fruits and vegetables, hand-selected from local and regional growers.

Covia’s goal is to operate Market Day every Tuesday year-round, perhaps moving indoors in inclement winter weather. The more we support this worthy endeavor, the better the chance it will continue.

Market Day is one of the many community services offered by Covia. Their mission is to provide a range of programs and services to seniors age 60+, preventing social isolation and supporting food security. You can read more about Covia, and volunteer to help with some of their programs, on their website.

Of course, everyone is welcome at Market Day, regardless of age. Bring cash, because credit cards and checks are not accepted. You might also want to check out a flea market that pops up right after the Market Day closes each Tuesday afternoon.