FHA Forming Resilient Neighborhood Team

Neighborhoods like San Rafael’s Gerstle Park have already formed Resilient Neighborhood teams  |  photo from Resilient Neighborhoods  |  post by Taylor Ray and Larry Clinton

Resilient Neighborhoods makes climate change actions:

  • Concrete and easy to understand
  • Enjoyable
  • Motivating, and
  • A Team Thing with your neighbors

They’ve had great success for the last 9 years all over Marin. Here’s a link to a 1-minute video for more information.

The FHA Board has agreed to create a cross-dock team. All it takes is 7+ people to form a team. Resilient Neighborhoods provides the education we need to know about what to do.

We’ll start with an assessment of our carbon footprint (called a weigh-in), and then see if we can lose 5,000 pounds of carbon emissions in 2 months. There are 5 info sessions to attend, spaced out over the 2 months. It is important to attend all meetings, especially the first one; however, it is possible to make up a missed meeting.

If you’re interested in committing to a team, please complete a brief survey  to indicate your availability.