FHA Board Meeting Notes – March 21 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board has been doing, here’s a bullet list of the important and interesting things that happened at the March 21, 2016 Board Meeting:

  • It was agreed to renew the Association’s general liability insurance, at a premium of $4,758. This insurance covers the activities of the FHA including our annual tour and mini-tours throughout the year.
  • Joan Sheahan was appointed Treasurer to fill the vacancy left by Ron Moreland’s resignation. Ron was appointed Director-At-Large.
  • While we continue to seek an FHA Membership chair, the dock reps and alternates are encouraged to contact people who were members last year but have not renewed this year.
  • Flo Hoylman, Ted Sempliner and Peter Hudson volunteered to be on a Committee examining alternative meeting spaces and menus for next year’s annual meeting.
  • Teddie Hathaway is scheduling an event for Mark McGuire to speak at East Pier, date to be determined.
  • The Board agreed to set up a budget of $5 per year per household for each dock to encourage composting. See Dock Budgets for Composting for details.
  • Flo Hoylman is arranging a two hour Get Ready Marin disaster preparedness session for the FHA Board. Then the dock reps can do sessions for their own docks. She is also investigating a First Aid Disaster Relief program put on by the Marin Medical Reserve Corps for non-medical people. It was agreed that the FHA will pay the fee ($5-$10 per person) for members who attend (15-person minimum).
  • She is also finalizing a proposal to provide berth numbers to homeowners who would like to place them on the water sides of their homes, to make them more identifiable for water-borne emergency responders.
  • Discussions continue regarding updating the FHA By-Laws.