Fancy Flinging Fish in The Marine Mammal Kitchen?

Kimberly Wright, describing her first day volunteering, along with an update of Issy’s progress (the harbor seal she and Mark Lawrence rescued): 

My day was great! It is hard work and I was absolutely exhausted, but so worth it. I got to specifically weigh Issy. He is gaining weight and doing great. He’s moved out of the little condos into the pool with the bigger guys. So cute!

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Issaquah Dock Heroes Rescue Harbor Seal Pup

Issy – Recovering at The Marine Mammal Center

To give you an idea of scale (pun definitely unintended), and to drive home the need for volunteers, The MMC is going through over 1,000 pounds of fish every day just to feed the more than 230 patients currently under their care.

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post by Jenny Stein