Exclusive Discount on New Windows

Recent floating home window installation from Renewal by Anderson  |  photo by Julie Durbin  |  post by Larry Clinton

Renewal by Anderson is repeating its sponsorship of Day in the Park this year, after a good experience in 2023. Denise Mosely, director of marketing for the window company, commented, “by us keeping tack of the revenue (from the October DITP), I am able to show why we should continue to invest in your organization, which has already proven worth every penny so far.”

In fact, Renewal by Anderson is offering a 20% discount just for floating home residents. Double-paned or otherwise well-sealed windows help keep homes well insulated, lowering energy consumption and helping to conserve resources. Scroll to their new Floating Times banner ad and scan the QR code to sign up. If you contact the company by other means, the discount will not apply.