Evil Eye Goes Back on Market

Entry of the Evil Eye  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

“Shel Silverstein’s whimsical houseboat floats onto the market in Sausalito.” That’s the headline on a recent L.A. Times news item. Known as the Evil Eye, the home sold for $375,000 in 2017, and after some remodeling is now listed at $783,000.

Times staff writer Jack Flemming describes the 1200-square foot home as offering “a unique chance to quarantine at sea.” His article goes on to describe the home’s storied past as a balloon barge, part of the Bay Area’s WWII air defense system before Silverstein bought it in the 60s.

What’s not included in the article is the story of how Shel turned the boat over to his long-time pal and colleague Larry Moyer in 1999. Larry, of course, became a waterfront legend, appearing on the cover of a coffee table book, and in interviews with TV crews worldwide.

When he died in 2016, neighbor BlaZe Nash wrote an affectionate and comprehensive tribute to Larry, including how he and Shel found their way here. He was also the subject of a multi-media presentation at the Sausalito library in 2918. To read more about Larry, go to the Search window in the upper right part of this page, type in Larry Moyer, and click on the magnifying glass icon.