Climate Action Workshops Start Sept 15

A climate action team celebrates  |  photo from Resilient Neighborhoods  |  post by Carole Angermeir

Are you ready to take effective, measurable climate action and help build disaster–resilient communities? Join a Climate Action Team by signing up to participate in a free five–session virtual workshop presented by Resilient Neighborhoods. Whether you’ve done a little or a lot already, there are over 100 actions to choose from to fit any lifestyle.

This program is ideal for anyone who is concerned about climate change and has a desire to join with other community members to create a better future. All you need is access to your utility bills and a computer with internet access. Sessions are held every two weeks, with a Wednesday afternoon workshop series beginning on September 15 and a Thursday evening series beginning September 23. More information and sign up links can be found on the Resilient Neighborhoods website.