A Very Full Fourth

Social distancing made easy  in WPH lagoon |  photo by Mari Steeno
Mount Saint Elias played on the deck of Wolf Island
Danielle Gray of Main dock and Annabelle Joy of Liberty Dock provided free food and margaritas  |  these photos by Carole Angermeir
Fire dancers under full moon—watch video below |  photo and post by Larry Clinton
Brush fire off Highway 101  |  photo by Melanie Rovens

Saturday July 4 was glorious all day—a perfect day for a parade, which, of course, didn’t happen. Nevertheless the floating homes community managed to make the best of it.

In the Waldo Point lagoon, 100 seafarers gathered in every conceivable type of watercraft to hear a performance by Mount Saint Elias, a folk group from the East Bay. They were the third group to play on the deck of Wolf Island, according to Rusty Hendley. To keep the atmosphere festive, Danielle Gray of Main dock and Annabelle Joy of Liberty Dock served up free hot dogs, hot pockets and adult beverages. Rusty says that the band Nother Mother Brothers, featuring anchor-out Stephen Ehret, is scheduled to perform next Saturday.

The closest thing to a parade was a pelican patrol which performed flyovers throughout the day.

Over on Gate 6 ½, Roy Grekin hosted fire dancers on his motorized float, as shown in the silent video clip below. They performed under a rising full moon, which went through a partial eclipse later in the evening.

Although there were no formal fireworks displays, we could see and hear private pyrotechnics all around us, including a salvo that started a brushfire off 101, casting an eerie glow in the night sky.