A Labor Day Weekend to Remember

The Mirene—7:05 a.m. Saturday Sept 2—it was a real scorcher and you could already tell at 7:05 that it was coming!  |  Dennis Bayer, South 40
Through the masts at Clipper—7:05 a.m. Sept 2 |  Dennis Bayer, South 40
Feels like 106° |  Rich Stim, A Dock
Staying cool in a friend's apartment house pool  |  Larry Clinton, Gate 6 1/2
First time in 15 years I've seen this hatch open—41 South 40   |  Flo Hoylman, South 40
Sunset on a hot day  |  Flo Hoylman, South 40  |  post by Jenny Stein

A Labor Day weekend to remember—or forget—depending upon how one managed to survive the heatwave.

Joy Dryden (West Pier) describes the intense heat—105 degrees in the shade—on the afternoon of Friday, September 1:

I decided at the most heat (105°) to seek refuge at my air conditioned office. As I passed under the pine trees on the Kappas Green I heard this cracking sound. I stopped to see what animal was making it. But there were no animals or birds in the trees and the popping sound was coming from all over above my head in the trees. It must have been the pine cones cracking open as they do in wildfires with intense heat!

Sally Champe (A Dock) probably wasn’t kidding when she wrote:

I took about 8 cold showers while wearing my Egyptian Jellabiya. It took about 30 minutes to dry off. My thermostat registered 1 degree. I’m assuming that meant it was 101° in my living room.

postcards from Michele AFFRONTE (Liberty)

Like postcards in the mail, these photos arrived after the original post went up. Just some of the many ways people managed to beat the heat without leaving our own backyard.

Postcards from Michele Affronte, Liberty Dock—breakfast at Sam's (by boat)
Tracy Jones (Liberty) and Julie Durbin (West Pier) chilling on a raft at Liberty Dock—Saturday
Relaxing on the bay in 90 degree weather—Saturday—Keith Shaw, Liberty Dock