8 Remarkable Houseboats

Cover of Making Waves  |  post by Larry Clinton

The BBC has reviewed a new book which features eight examples of remarkable houseboats from Scandinavia to the US. Surprisingly, none of the eight are located in Sausalito.

The cover of a new book, Making Waves: Floating Homes and Life on the Water by Portland Mitchell, captures the freedom associated with floating homes. Viewed through a porthole, two swans glide by on a glassy lake. In the foreground is a less distinct glimpse of a houseboat interior.

The featured homes include a typical peniche on the Seine in Paris, a canal barge in the Netherlands, and other, more remote structures in the UK, Denmark, Argentina, and Brazil. The only US home featured is a tiny homage to the Pirates of the Caribbean called Soggybottom Shanty in an undisclosed southern location.