Main Dock Loses Pacifico Samonte

Long time Main Dock resident Pacifico Samonte passed away in mid-April in his floating home. The popular guitarist had been suffering from esophageal cancer. His partner, Cameron Duncan, reported, “Pac was breathing very quietly and peacefully all night as I held his hand. It was quite a surprise to see... Read more

Shelter in Place on the Water

SFGate has posted an article subtitled: Being in a houseboat is better: Shelter-in-place, Sausalito houseboat style. Author Madeline Wells interviewed Rachael Limkin of Issaquah, who described how tight-knit our community is: “Normally on a Friday night, I’m in half a dozen different houses having food or wine,” Social distancing is especially... Read more

Evil Eye Goes Back on Market

“Shel Silverstein’s whimsical houseboat floats onto the market in Sausalito.” That’s the headline on a recent L.A. Times news item. Known as the Evil Eye, the home sold for $375,000 in 2017, and after some remodeling is now listed at $783,000. Times staff writer Jack Flemming describes the 1200-square foot... Read more

Joe Novitski Gives Online Talk on WIND STAR

On Wednesday evening East Pier’s Joe Novitski will Zoom the story of the men who dreamed up, designed, built and sailed WIND STAR, the first sailing cruise ship and the first commercial sailing ship in two generations. Joe’s presentation, part of the Sausalito Yacht Club’s Lecture Series, will be streamed... Read more

Rockin’ in Place

Throughout our community, people are finding creative ways to get together and let off steam—all at a safe distance. Annabelle Joy of Liberty Dock invited her friend Chloe Jean to sing and play keyboards on a motorized float one recent Friday night. Previously, Fiver Brown had given a similar performance.... Read more

Lance Belville Exits Stage Left

Lance Sherman Belville, playwright, theatre director, and journalist died of congestive heart failure March 14, 2020 in his West Pier floating home in Sausalito in the embrace of his wife and artistic partner, Lynn Lohr. Belville always lived somewhere dramatic, from the Mississippi River town of his birth, Winona, to... Read more

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Over the years I’ve been impressed with our community’s willingness and skill at helping each other in times of crisis. That spirit of neighborliness has never been more evident than right now, during the coronavirus quarantine. Almost as soon as the shelter-in-place order came down, notes began appearing on dock... Read more

2019 Sausalito Floating Homes Market Redux

As always, when contemplating the state of the Sausalito floating homes market, it’s helpful to understand the context of the larger housing market in Marin County, the Bay Area and the US. Keep in mind that the condition of the economy and the housing market could be greatly impacted by... Read more

Mardi Gras Pop-Up on East Pier

Bruce Thomas, who once lived in New Orleans, hosted a Mardi Gras pop-up dock party on Fat Tuesday. The party was actually held at the home of Jenny Silva and Jeff Davis. Dock residents festooned in beads and masks feasted on jambalaya and kings cake, with plenty of appropriate libations.... Read more

Gate 6 ½ Loses a True Original

Serafino James Presta, better known as “Uncle Jimmy” on Gate 6 ½, passed away on February 7 after a long illness. Jimmy first moved to Gate 6 1/2 in 1995, shortly after meeting Susie Dupuis through their good friend and floating homeowner Jane Colton. Jim rented #18 on the dock... Read more