Found Kayak

The yellow kayak pictured above was found drifting between Gate 6 ½ and the other Kappas piers on the evening of July 23. It’s now being stored on West Pier. If it’s yours, text Chris at 609-203-9054. Read more

Ubuntu Coffee by Mail

The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative was founded in in 2012 by longtime floating homes resident Ted Levit and two friends. The worker-owned cooperative grew from a desire to market organic, fair trade coffee in a work environment that respects the rights and dignity of all who work to produce it. Ubuntu’s... Read more

A Very Full Fourth

Saturday July 4 was glorious all day—a perfect day for a parade, which, of course, didn’t happen. Nevertheless the floating homes community managed to make the best of it. In the Waldo Point lagoon, 100 seafarers gathered in every conceivable type of watercraft to hear a performance by Mount Saint... Read more

Reflections by Jarl Forsman

Issaquah Dock resident Jarl Forsman is a writer, painter and long-time practitioner and teacher of the art of Tai Chi/Qigong. She’s recently discovered a new artistic direction. Exploring the nooks and crannies of Richardson bay at various times of day from her small motor boat, she began to notice the... Read more

South 40 Knighthood

South 40 resident Michael van Walt has been knighted by the Dutch government for exceptional service to society with a global impact. On the occasion of the birthday of His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, a national holiday, Michael was awarded the rarely bestowed royal distinction of Commander in... Read more

Yellow Ferry Resident Takes on Covid-19

Dr. Jay Lalezari lives at Yellow Ferry Harbor. You might see him walking his dog Kaya on the nearby spit, dancing at Silent Disco, or unloading his dusty van post Burning Man. He’s not your typical doctor and you won’t find him with a stethoscope. Rather, he’s been on the... Read more

Janet Thuesen Moves North

Sixteen-year Main Dock resident Janet Thuesen has moved to Washington State to reside near one of her daughters. Janet, who describes herself as a flag-waving Dane, filled her bright and airy floating home with Danish heirlooms, figurines and furnishings, including the sign from her parents’ Danish bakery in the Midwest.... Read more

Main Dock Loses Pacifico Samonte

Long time Main Dock resident Pacifico Samonte passed away in mid-April in his floating home. The popular guitarist had been suffering from esophageal cancer. His partner, Cameron Duncan, reported, “Pac was breathing very quietly and peacefully all night as I held his hand. It was quite a surprise to see... Read more

Shelter in Place on the Water

SFGate has posted an article subtitled: Being in a houseboat is better: Shelter-in-place, Sausalito houseboat style. Author Madeline Wells interviewed Rachael Limkin of Issaquah, who described how tight-knit our community is: “Normally on a Friday night, I’m in half a dozen different houses having food or wine,” Social distancing is especially... Read more

Evil Eye Goes Back on Market

“Shel Silverstein’s whimsical houseboat floats onto the market in Sausalito.” That’s the headline on a recent L.A. Times news item. Known as the Evil Eye, the home sold for $375,000 in 2017, and after some remodeling is now listed at $783,000. Times staff writer Jack Flemming describes the 1200-square foot... Read more