Sausalito Looks to Reduce Number of Boats in Bay

RESIDENTS CONCERNED ABOUT INCREASING NUMBER OF BOATS ANCHORED IN RICHARDSON’S BAY The Sausalito Police are using a grant to reduce the number of boats anchored in Richardson’s Bay, boats which have steadily increased as similar anchorages around the Bay have closed. Sausalito Chief of Police John Rohrbacher said the city applied... Read more

Marine Debris Removal Underway on Richardson’s Bay

  This past Monday, you might have seen the Sausalito Police marine patrol boat Marine One on the water with the landing craft Allied Mariner, belonging to Parker Diving Service. The crews of both vessels were working together to remove unattended and unpermitted mooring balls from Richardson’s Bay. RICHARDSON’S BAY has... Read more

November 2016 High Tide WARNINGS

High Tides are here again: Date      Approx. Time   Height Nov. 12        9:30 AM        6.3′ Nov. 13      10:15 AM        6.6′ Nov. 14      11:00 AM        6.7′ Nov. 15      11:50 PM      ... Read more

More Historic Pics Online – Years of Conflict

Earlier this fall Bill Van Niekerken, Library Director for the SF Chronicle, wrote:  During a recent visit to Sausalito, I was taken with the charming vessels bobbing along the shore of the tiny town at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. After returning to work at 901 Mission... Read more

A Halloween Horror Story — Almost

  Halloween 2015 started with trick-or-treaters visiting WPH in kayaks. Michele Affronte, Mari Steeno, Rob Weston, Katherine Boschetto, Ed Lopez plus myself and my mother Kathleen Durbin and aunt Judy Anthon, all set out to find out what the treats for our tricks would be. Low tide was at 9:40... Read more

…the 1906 quake spurred Sausalito houseboat culture

  Kristin Hanes, who previously lived on Gate 6-1/2, has written an article for detailing our history and some of her personal recollections of her time here. Read her story, and see a slide show of historic and current floating home photos from the SF Chronicle archives, at “What it’s like living... Read more

MMWD Water Restrictions No Longer In Effect

  What do we do with the news that the Marin Municipal Water Department (MMWD) water restrictions we’ve adhered to for the last few years are no longer in effect? California is heading into a fourth year of drought – with La Niña and the prospect of a dry winter... Read more