TugBoat Caroling Around the Neighborhood – Dec 6 & 7

Due to possible rains on their way, the 7th Annual Holiday TugBoat Caroling took place last night, around the bay and lagoon, at Waldo Point Harbor. In case you missed it – there’s the promise of a repeat performance tonight (Dec 7) at Galilee Harbor and for the Anchor-outs (weather permitting). Or enjoy these videos, which showcase the good nature and talents of Kristine Barrett Johnson (singing), David Robert Johnson (of Davey Jones Deli, on guitar), Gandolf (the dog, on occasional harmony), and Blaze Nash at the helm of her fully decked-out Tugboat Otto – as they spread holiday cheer about the lagoon.

What? Holiday TugBoat Caroling
Where? Upon the Waters of Our Floating Neighborhood
When? Tonight (WPH) and Maybe Tomorrow Night (Galilee)
How? You come to the Window or Balcony ~ We Sing to You
Why? Tis the Season and We Love You

Look for the Little TugBoat – Floating Merrily upon the Sea with Sparkle and Shimmer and Shine and the Sweetest of Song!
All You Gotta Do is Let Us See You in the Window or On the Balcony & Expect Holiday Magic Across the Waters, from Us to You!

[invite from Blaze Nash’s fb page  |  videos and post by Jenny Stein]