Board Meeting Notes – August 15, 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board has been doing, here’s a bullet list of the important and interesting things that happened at the August 15, 2016 Board Meetings: Larry Clinton distributed a flier about the blog to go up on dock bulletin boards. Larry will retire as editor of the Floating... Read more

Charles Van Damme Ferry Project is On a Roll

Among the WPH works-in-progress—(see the recent post: Waldo Point Project Update)—is the development of the Waldo Point Park, at Gate 6 Road. Nestled into the elbow where Issaquah joins the area adjacent the newly constructed Charles Van Damme floating pier—(the area that was the COOP)—the park will contain an observation pier... Read more

Waldo Point Harbor Project Update

Dan Hughes, WPH project manager, provided the following update for the state of the multiyear reconfiguration of Waldo Point Harbor and the Gates Cooperative. For back history, please read about it here. The Coop homes are moving to the new Charles Van Damme floating dock, and several now call the south... Read more

The Early Days of Kappas and WPH

Long-time waterfront resident T.J. Nelsen has written a very personal memoir of Sausalito’s Gate 6 community: Houseboats, Drugs, Government and the 4th Estate. Nelsen discovered the Sausalito waterfront in the early ’60s, and soon moved to Don Arques’ property at Waldo Point, where he worked at various odd jobs. In 1969... Read more

Waldo Point Harbor Construction Update

As many of you have noticed, the Waldo Point Harbor reconfiguration project is nearing the end. One of the last remaining tasks is to pave the old railroad property lot. To provide new water service to the new Charles Van Damme Dock, Waldo Point Harbor is relocating a Marin Municipal... Read more