Learn Weed Management Skills – June 17

Weeds are super adaptors. In urban settings weeds thrive under the most meager of growing conditions—moving into bare patches and vacant lots, filling cracks in the pavement and even pushing up through blacktop. In more natural habitats, biodiversity can take a hit as thuggish weeds crowd out native species. While getting rid of weeds isn’t rocket science, it’s all... Read more

Weeds – Down the Rabbit Hole

There’s a reason chefs say they’re “in the weeds” when the fast-paced, delicately-balanced dance of the restaurant kitchen becomes hopelessly unmanageable. I used to be weed-ignorant, and happily so. I now know more about weeds, and the tools and means to deal with them, than I usually care to admit. Along with learning... Read more

Our Voices Have Been Heard

Earlier this week, over at Waldo Point Harbor, we saw the notice that Aquamaster, a toxic herbicide produced by Monsanto, was about to be sprayed around our beautiful bay. Issaquah dock reps Ali Johnston and myself (Sandy Harford) quickly put the word out to our dock mates that they just might want to weigh in on this issue. It’s well... Read more

Van Damme Achieves Project Milestone

Congratulations are in order. The news is just in that the Charles Van Damme Ferry Project has received approval from the BCDC (San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission) for the project’s addition to the new Waldo Point Harbor (WPH) public pier and park. This is the last in a long chain... Read more

When will the WPH Construction End?

The Waldo Point Harbor Reconfiguration is in the final stages, according to Dan Hughes, WPH project manager. The crew will start back to work in late spring with prepping the park site, which is now the old Gates Coop parking area. In June, when the permit allows, they will begin the in-water... Read more

TugBoat Caroling Around the Neighborhood – Dec 6 & 7

Due to possible rains on their way, the 7th Annual Holiday TugBoat Caroling took place last night, around the bay and lagoon, at Waldo Point Harbor. In case you missed it – there’s the promise of a repeat performance tonight (Dec 7) at Galilee Harbor and for the Anchor-outs (weather... Read more

Community News – Fall 2016

  With all this warm weather it’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. Ever since the Tour, and even without the traditional holidays, it feels like it’s been one event piling onto the next. October saw a generously attended CERT training, an All Dock Alert (party),... Read more

Charles Van Damme Ferry 100th Birthday Bash

  Help maintain one hundred years of waterfront history at a special fundraiser for the Charles Van Damme Ferry project. WHERE: the Sausalito Seahorse Restaurant WHEN: Friday, November 18, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Go HERE for more details and to buy advance tickets. The Charles Van Damme Ferry Birthday Bash is a celebration of... Read more

Board Meeting Notes – August 15, 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board has been doing, here’s a bullet list of the important and interesting things that happened at the August 15, 2016 Board Meetings: Larry Clinton distributed a flier about the blog to go up on dock bulletin boards. Larry will retire as editor of the Floating... Read more