A Clutch Here – A Gaggle There – It’s Spring!

Canada Geese—love ’em, hate ’em—the clutches of eggs, and the fluffy goslings that emerge, signal spring is here. It’s a good time to remind folks to give the nests a wide berth, and to defer to these federally protected birds during close encounters on the docks and along the waterside.... Read more

A Labor Day Weekend to Remember

A Labor Day weekend to remember—or forget—depending upon how one managed to survive the heatwave. Joy Dryden (West Pier) describes the intense heat—105 degrees in the shade—on the afternoon of Friday, September 1: I decided at the most heat (105°) to seek refuge at my air conditioned office. As I... Read more

Duck, Duck, Goose – Which is Cuter?

In our own version of “Which is cuter: puppies or kittens?” I’d have to say that the duckies have it over the goslings, at least on the first day out of the nest. A second clutch of ducklings recently hatched over at South 40. Must be something about that giant... Read more

Brave New World as Ducklings Hatch

Passels of ducklings, and goslings—along with their watchful parents—can be seen waddling and swimming about in various locations throughout the floating homes community. Over on South 40, Caroline Hall and Michael McNeill’s planter box provided the ideal set up for a pair of Mallard Ducks to build a nest. The just-hatched ducklings—who launch themselves straight out of the... Read more

The Blue Monday Jam Sessions

  Sausalito is a thriving community, with never a dull moment. You need look no further than the No Name Bar, where you can hear music every night. From The Hippie Voices to Friday Night Jazz, the No Name features a wide variety of music. Another venue is the Seahorse, where... Read more

Go with the Flo – Hoylman is Member of the Year

Flo Hoylman was the busiest person at the March 4 FHA Annual Meeting. First she was introduced as Vice President of the FHA Board, then she gave an impassioned presentation about what the Association has done lately to help residents prepare for emergencies and what’s planned for the future. (Check... Read more

Community News – Fall 2016

  With all this warm weather it’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. Ever since the Tour, and even without the traditional holidays, it feels like it’s been one event piling onto the next. October saw a generously attended CERT training, an All Dock Alert (party),... Read more

Floating Homes Tour 2016 – WE’RE SOLD OUT

Advance registration for the 2016 Floating Homes Tour is now closed.  WE ARE SOLD OUT. A limited number of tickets will be available on tour day – Saturday, September 24 – at $60 each.  Park at Gateway Center and take a free shuttle to Kappas Marina to purchase your tickets. Read more