Evil Eye Goes Back on Market

“Shel Silverstein’s whimsical houseboat floats onto the market in Sausalito.” That’s the headline on a recent L.A. Times news item. Known as the Evil Eye, the home sold for $375,000 in 2017, and after some remodeling is now listed at $783,000. Times staff writer Jack Flemming describes the 1200-square foot... Read more

2019 Sausalito Floating Homes Market Redux

As always, when contemplating the state of the Sausalito floating homes market, it’s helpful to understand the context of the larger housing market in Marin County, the Bay Area and the US. Keep in mind that the condition of the economy and the housing market could be greatly impacted by... Read more

Financial Times Extolls Floating Home Living

The Financial Times recently interviewed Michele Affronte and other Marin realtors about the state of the very tight real estate market in Marin County. The publication, which is sold at Mollie Stone’s, concluded: “Living on a floating home offers the most affordable way of acquiring waterfront property in one of... Read more

Spotlight on Floating Homes

The blog Neighborhoods.com has published a spotlight on Sausalito that begins with a visit to the floating homes. The post tells how our community evolved from the postwar era of “quirky, colorful houseboats” while keeping its “eccentric coastal charm.” “Over 400 houseboats in Sausalito’s Richardson Bay Marina are home to long-term... Read more

2018 Floating Homes Market Review

What happened in the floating homes real estate market in 2018? First and foremost, the floating homes community is looking more spruced up than ever to the outside world. The completion of the park along the Bridgeway frontage has undoubtedly enhanced our community’s curb appeal in the collective consciousness. Charles... Read more

What’s a Berth Worth?

At 6:45 a.m., on January 29, Jane and I were awakened by the spooky sound of loud voices outside our bedroom window. I glanced out to see a brightly-lit workboat from Parker Diving Services preparing to haul out the home next to ours. An early high tide necessitated the inconvenient... Read more

Michele Affronte on CNN.com

Another of our resident realtors is getting great exposure for our community on the internet. This time it’s Michele Affronte on CNN.com. CNN Business writer Anna Bahney interviewed Michele for a post entitled “Life on the water: What it’s like to live on a floating home.” Despite some of the... Read more

Rachelle on SFGate

Rachelle Dorris has lived on floating homes since the 90s, and as an agent for Coldwell Banker, she has plenty of knowledge about waterfront living. So, it’s not surprising that she was recently interviewed by SFGate.com, in a piece entitled “A life by the tides: What it’s really like living... Read more

We’re Where It’s At

Last week the Marin Independent Journal reported on a recent study that determined: “Amid accelerating sea level rise from climate change, Marin County has the highest number of households in California vulnerable to coastal flooding.” Main Dock’s Rusty Hendley passed along the above editorial cartoon, which ran in the same issue... Read more

Floating Home Market Update

The Secret is Out With the near completion of the multiple-year (decade?) Waldo Point Harbor redevelopment of the sea wall, parking lots, entry buildings and now the park along Bridgeway, many residents feel that the outward-facing image of the floating homes community is beginning to match the beauty and attractiveness... Read more