Five Facts About Canada Geese

  Late April and early May is breeding season for Canada Geese (Branta Canadensis). Those cute little goslings seen wandering around East and West Piers will soon grow into 15 to 20-pound creatures that will live for as long as 20 years. Here are five facts to keep in mind... Read more

Fancy Flinging Fish in The Marine Mammal Kitchen?

Kimberly Wright, describing her first day volunteering, along with an update of Issy’s progress (the harbor seal she and Mark Lawrence rescued):  My day was great! It is hard work and I was absolutely exhausted, but so worth it. I got to specifically weigh Issy. He is gaining weight and... Read more

Diversity Matters in Seafood

You’re probably familiar with CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture, but there are now CSFs—Community Supported Fisheries—that source local, sustainable seafood. You can subscribe to a service that drops off healthy, flavorful, sustainable seafood for you to pick up at participating locations. In our area, there’s a Thursday drop at Davey... Read more

Issy – Recovering at The Marine Mammal Center

Issy is becoming more stable at the moment but is still too young and ill to eat food on his own. It typically takes 2-4 months for harbor seals to be healthy enough for release given their extremely young age and fragile state. Issy was also born prematurely (identified because... Read more

Issaquah Dock Heroes Rescue Harbor Seal Pup

Post by Mari Steeno  |  video by John of Issaquah On Wednesday, March 16, Mark Lawrence and Kimberly Wright were relaxing at their home when they heard the cries of an animal they did not recognize. As they went across the dock to #68 Issaquah, they discovered a distressed young... Read more

Strange Things Are Happening

No one can say for sure what the effects of the coming El Niño will be, but unusual appearances of sea creatures are occurring off the California coast, as local waters have already begun warming up. The Marine Mammal Center has rescued more northern fur seals in 2015 than any... Read more