Snapshots of Summer

It’s nice to step back, now and then, and appreciate life on Richardson Bay. Whether waterskiing further out in deep water, backflipping into the Lagoon closer to home, or simply enjoying the reflections as they come off the water, ours is a particularly unique vantage point. These snapshots—taken over the... Read more

Balancing on the Dock of the Bay

Balancing on the Dock of the Bay (top photo) by Malia Dailey of Liberty Dock and Palm Springs. Black-crowned Night Heron, Egret, and Pigeon photos by Karen Cadenhead of Main Dock. This photo-only submission thanks to Rusty Hendley, also of Main Dock. Read more

Liberty Dock Enjoys Fun in the Sun

“Carter Johnson took a group out on his boat float and Keith and I followed in our motor boat. We all went to Bar Bocce for pizza and drinks. It was a blast! All Liberty Dock residents. Our dock has become the party dock.” — photos and post by Michele... Read more

There’s No Place Like (a Floating) Home for the Holidays

Holiday celebrations take many forms on the waterfront. Blaze Nash transported carolers around the Waldo Point Lagoon on her little red tugboat Otto. Gate 6 1/2 and Issaquah staged progressive potlucks with entrees provided by the Floating Homes Association; Issaquah partiers were encouraged to wear Christmas sweaters: ugly, festive, fun,... Read more

Holiday Tugboat Caroling – You’re Invited

YOU’RE INVITED!  What?      Holiday Tugboat Caroling Where?    Upon the Waters of Our Floating Neighborhood* When?      Monday Dec 11  (Weather Permitting) and/or Wednesday Dec 13   (Weather Permitting)  Time?       Between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m.—Locations depend on tide and access to floating homes How?        You come to the Window or... Read more

A Labor Day Weekend to Remember

A Labor Day weekend to remember—or forget—depending upon how one managed to survive the heatwave. Joy Dryden (West Pier) describes the intense heat—105 degrees in the shade—on the afternoon of Friday, September 1: I decided at the most heat (105°) to seek refuge at my air conditioned office. As I... Read more

Liberty Dock Sendoff for Nancy Frisch

Friends and neighbors gathered at the triangle on Liberty Friday night, July 29, to honor Nancy Frisch, who is moving away after 40 years. Nancy has decided to relocate to Washington State to be near her son Noah, who was born on the dock. Noah’s dad, photographer Steve Frisch, passed... Read more

Float In Movie — This Saturday, July 1

It’s time to wipe the algae off of your floating craft and get it ready for the movies. This Saturday night, July 1st will be another edition of the Float-In Movie. The movie screen and sound system will face the water from whence you will be undulating, watching and listening... Read more

Lauren Petterson, 1955 – 2017

Hello Dear Neighbors, We wanted to let you know that our neighbor Lauren Petterson passed peacefully in Tiburon last night, with her boyfriend Eric by her side. Lauren was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast cancer 3 years ago. She is survived by her dad Jack, her mom Myrna, a niece and nephew,... Read more

World Premiere – Life is a Movie

  A wonderful retrospective journey for the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love The documentary film LIFE IS A MOVIE—the story of avant-garde filmmaker and photographer, Larry Moyer—had its world premiere May 19 at the Nice International Filmmaker Festival (Nice IFF) 2017. Held at the beginning of, and just up the Côtes d’Azur... Read more