There’s No Place Like (a Floating) Home for the Holidays

Holiday celebrations take many forms on the waterfront. Blaze Nash transported carolers around the Waldo Point Lagoon on her little red tugboat Otto. Gate 6 1/2 and Issaquah staged progressive potlucks with entrees provided by the Floating Homes Association; Issaquah partiers were encouraged to wear Christmas sweaters: ugly, festive, fun,... Read more

Car Vandalism at Issaquah

A week ago 2 cars were broken into, in the Issaquah parking lot. Nothing was taken, but still. Both break-ins were reported to the Marin Sheriff’s Department. Back in July another vehicle belonging to Issaquah residents was vandalized. A pattern? Who knows. This we do know. Break-ins have occurred, so... Read more

Warm Farewell Despite the Weather

The skies were misty, and so were many people’s eyes as Issaquah neighbors and other friends gathered to wish a fond farewell to Emily and Stuart Riddell. After 27 years on the dock, they’ve sold their floating home and are moving to Southern California to be closer to their kids... Read more

Swimming in a Sea of Talent

A Boatload of Books—the place to find published works from and about our community—is easily accessed by clicking Boatload of Books in the column at right. Here are several new—and recently added—titles:     In Our Hands, Wilford Welch. A handbook for intergenerational actions to solve the climate crisis, with an... Read more

1st Annual Issaquah Pumpkin Bash

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Carving jack-o-lanterns is a great excuse for a dock party—not that Issaquah needs much prodding to gather at the L. Last Sunday Oct. 22 was the scene of the first ever annual Issaquah Pumpkin Bash. Check out the results! Read more

Athletes of Issaquah: George and Emma Tubbs

He’s a world champion Ultimate Frisbee player. She runs Ironman triathlons and is always looking for new physical challenges. Meet George and Emma Stubbs, who moved onto Issaquah Dock last year, but hardly settled down. They’re about the most active couple I’ve ever met, but I got them to sit... Read more

Emily Makes Music on Issaquah

Dozens of neighbors past and present turned out to help Emily Riddell celebrate her birthday on September 23. Emily also brought 15 blue grass picker friends, who provided lots of lively entertainment throughout the afternoon on Issaquah Dock. After 27 years, Emily and Stuart are selling their floating home, and... Read more

The Spit – Gardening on the Edge

GARDENING ON THE SPIT—I guess I should start by saying the Hunter Clan has always loved gardening. My own love of gardening is constrained by living on a dock—Issaquah—where I’m limited to container gardening. There are only so many potted plants one can have, even when neighbors give up valuable... Read more

Ric Miller Photo Graces Art Festival Poster

One of the 3 official Sausalito Art Festival posters this year features a panoramic photo by none other than one of our own: Ric Miller. Ric lived on Issaquah Dock for 22 years, before relocating, along with his partner Malia Dailey, to Palm Springs last year—Unsung Heroes of the Floating Homes... Read more