There’s No Place Like (a Floating) Home for the Holidays

Holiday celebrations take many forms on the waterfront. Blaze Nash transported carolers around the Waldo Point Lagoon on her little red tugboat Otto. Gate 6 1/2 and Issaquah staged progressive potlucks with entrees provided by the Floating Homes Association; Issaquah partiers were encouraged to wear Christmas sweaters: ugly, festive, fun,... Read more

Revised Plans for Marin Theater Approved

The reopening of the Marin Theater at 101 Caledonia Street continues to move forward after revised plans for the project were approved by the Planning Commission on Wednesday, December 6. The revised plans call for minor modifications to the previously approved remodel of the building’s exterior. The two previously-approved 45-seat theater... Read more

Back to the 40s for FHA Tour      

Lots of folks joined in the theme of our September 30 Tour, “Homefront on the Waterfront,” by coming in vintage outfits, or dressing like workers at Marinship 75 years ago.  Attendees, volunteers, Lindy dancers, and vintage vehicle owners all added to the spirit of a beautiful day. Lindy Dancers—2017 Tour... Read more

Volunteers Make Tour a Success

Over 1,000 people participated in our September 30 Floating Homes Tour: 650 paid attendees, 250 volunteers, plus homeowners, artists, writers, musicians, dancers, vintage car owners and sponsors. The weather was gorgeous, lines were short, and this was one of the smoothest tours in memory. This tour couldn’t happen without the... Read more

Tour Offers Full Day of Fun

In addition to the 15 homes that will be open on September 30, we’ve planned a full schedule of other pleasures for attendees at our 32nd Floating Homes Tour. Talented resident artists and authors will display works for sale: Katy Boyd, Katharine Butler, Marc Gounard, Teddie Hathaway, Laurie Mills, Ric... Read more

Jazz and Blues Ends on High Note

The series of free concerts, Jazz and Blues by the Bay, staged its last performance of the summer on Friday, August 25. Sausalito’s own bluesman, Eugene Huggins, got the audience up and rocking on one of many beautiful summer Fridays. All summer, a table for six was available without charge... Read more

Maritime Day – Galilee Harbor – Aug 5

What: 37th Annual Maritime Day Where: 300 Napa Street  |  Galilee Harbor When: SATURDAY AUG 5 – 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Maritime Day is an all-day celebration of boat building, the arts and community spirit, with music, food and activities for all ages. Musical acts include Jeffrey Halford & the... Read more

Kazooers on Parade

July 4 started out a little gloomy in Sausalito, but that didn’t deter a hard-core contingent from turning out to march in the annual Independence Day parade. They gathered in Hurricane Gulch to get in gear, get in tune, and get in step, and then made their way proudly along... Read more

FHA Board Meeting Notes — May 2017

TO KEEP EVERYONE UP TO DATE ON WHAT THE FHA BOARD IS DOING, HERE ARE SOME OF THE ITEMS THAT WERE DISCUSSED OR DECIDED AT THE MAY, 2017 BOARD MEETING: Sausalito Councilperson Jill Hoffman explained the history and current position the City of Sausalito holds with the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA). Sausalito is planning to withdraw... Read more

Float In Movie — This Saturday, July 1

It’s time to wipe the algae off of your floating craft and get it ready for the movies. This Saturday night, July 1st will be another edition of the Float-In Movie. The movie screen and sound system will face the water from whence you will be undulating, watching and listening... Read more