News & Views from the 2018 FHA Annual Meeting & Party

At the February 24 FHA Annual Meeting, Supervisor Kate Sears brought everyone up to date on several key issues affecting our community: Funding has been obtained to complete the lighting in the underpass between Marin City and Sausalito. Caltrans has engaged contractors for the project; it is hoped the lighting... Read more


Once again, the Floating Homes Association’s Annual Membership Meeting & Party will be held at the Bay Model. Registration opens at 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 24. The Annual Meeting begins at 5:30 and the dinner party kicks off at 7. The party is free for FHA members and children... Read more

The Challenge of Sea Level Rise in Sausalito

February 3, the meeting room at the Bay Model was standing room only, with at least a quarter of the attendees from the docks. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Andy Gunther, gave one of the clearest explanations—in lay terms—of the overheating of our planet due to climate change. He noted,... Read more

A look Back on Government Posts 2017

The last of these posts looking back on 2017, the FHA Governmental committee stays abreast of issues which affect or will affect our lives, from water quality and developments in Richardson Bay to legislation that may not come into law for several years. Because our situation is so unique, we... Read more

Town Hall on Wildfire Preparedness

Assemblymember Marc Levine and FIRESafe MARIN invite you to hear what state, county, and local governments are doing to prepare for wildfires and how we plan to improve fire safety in Marin. The event will take place at the College of Marin’s Fusselman Hall on Saturday, February 10 from 10:00... Read more

Huffman Convenes Forum on Ocean Protection at the Bay Model

For a few hours on Wednesday, August 23, the lobby of the Bay Model seemed like a hearing room in one of the congressional office buildings in Washington DC. Democrat member of Congress Jared Huffman invited his colleagues House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and San Francisco Peninsula Representative Jackie Speier,... Read more

Around the Table at Driver’s Market

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Driver’s Market on Caledonia —The BayWAVE Project: Supervisor Kate Sears on Sea Level Rise from Sausalito to Novato— Marin is at risk, today and in the future. We need to plan, coordinate, and act to prepare for rising tides.... Read more

Your State Government in Action

There are currently two bills being considered by the state government that you need to know about. They take slightly different approaches to the same thing, but at this point neither contain language that would specifically include floating homes. What you need to consider is this: do you want the... Read more

Meeting Assemblyman Levine

A group of floating homes residents met with Marc Levine, our State Assemblyman, at the home of Carol Angermier and Wilford Welch on Sunday afternoon June 26. The event was co-hosted by Brad and Teddie Hathaway, also East Pier residents. When Mr. Levine was first elected to the Assembly in... Read more

Come meet your Assemblyman Marc Levine

East Pier residents Teddie and Brad Hathaway, and Wilford Welch and Carole Angermeir, invite you to the second meet your representatives floating home community meeting. WHAT: Meet California State Assemblyman Marc Levine WHEN: Sunday June 26 from 3 to 5 pm WHERE: 1 East Pier (Wilford and Carole’s home) This is a chance for floating home residents to meet and... Read more