FHA Emergency Trailer Fully Stocked

Thanks to the efforts of Peter Hudson (Main Dock), the emergency trailer parked along Gate 6 Road is now fully stocked for assistance in emergencies such as sinking, fire, earthquakes and home accidents. It contains: Two gas powered water pumps, complete with wagons which can be used to deliver the... Read more

Warnings & Emergency Preparedness — Review of 2017

The thing about emergency preparedness, and warnings, is that the need for this information never goes away. Some things are seasonal—checking your lines before the winter storms, or planning for king tides. For events such as earthquakes we need to be prepared year-round as there’s no predicting when a catastrophic... Read more

Get Ready FHA With Emergency Backpacks

Emergency Preparedness made easy The FHA can purchase Emergency Preparedness Survival Back Packs at a great discount, and make them available to members at $10 below the Association’s cost. Three-day Emergency Survival Packs for two, with food, water, first aid, flashlight, emergency blanket and sleeping bag that retail for $125... Read more

What Lies Beneath

I don’t usually give much thought to what’s buried in the silt and mud beneath our floating home. Then the tide moves out and some oddly shaped, half-decayed piece of wood catches my eye. Or I find myself mourning (still) a particularly beautifully crafted tool we lost in the course... Read more

Waterside Numbers

  Why install waterside numbers? IF we had to carry out a water rescue, or needed to remove people from the waterside, the Marine Patrol could more easily find the home. IF we had a fire on a dock, we might find we’d need to remove people by water. And... Read more