The Challenge of Sea Level Rise in Sausalito

February 3, the meeting room at the Bay Model was standing room only, with at least a quarter of the attendees from the docks. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Andy Gunther, gave one of the clearest explanations—in lay terms—of the overheating of our planet due to climate change. He noted,... Read more

FHA Emergency Trailer Fully Stocked

Thanks to the efforts of Peter Hudson (Main Dock), the emergency trailer parked along Gate 6 Road is now fully stocked for assistance in emergencies such as sinking, fire, earthquakes and home accidents. It contains: Two gas powered water pumps, complete with wagons which can be used to deliver the... Read more

FHA Posts 2017 – A Look Forward to 2018

In case it isn’t obvious by now, the FHA does a lot on behalf of the community. The dock reps and FHA board members volunteer their time, but they can only do so much. Consider offering to help out your dock rep, or join a committee or attend one of several... Read more

Bird Drowned by Party Balloon

While out kayaking between Gate 6 1/2 and East and West Piers I saw some floating trash and paddled over to pick it up. It turned out to be a helium party balloon with a long thin ribbon that had gotten tangled around the feet and wings of a bird.... Read more

Emergency Preparedness Works!

West Pier’s Court Mast was driving up 101 recently when he saw a disabled car sideways in the right lane near the San Pedro Rd. exit—a very dangerous situation. In his cell phone, Court had stored an emergency number, which he promptly dialed. His call was patched through to the... Read more

Perfect Storm Sinks Two Boats

  A powerful storm with strong winds from an unusual direction spelled misfortune for two floating homes on Thursday, April 6. Overnight, at more than a five-foot tide, #62 Issaquah began taking on water and listing northward toward its neighbor. And Dianne Moyer awoke to three feet of water and the sinking of her... Read more

Get Ready FHA With Emergency Backpacks

Emergency Preparedness made easy The FHA can purchase Emergency Preparedness Survival Back Packs at a great discount, and make them available to members at $10 below the Association’s cost. Three-day Emergency Survival Packs for two, with food, water, first aid, flashlight, emergency blanket and sleeping bag that retail for $125... Read more

CERT Training – Wait List Open

  The April 1 and 8 CERT training is now fully enrolled, but Emergency Preparedness chair Flo Hoylman promises to accommodate anyone wishing to go on the wait list. To add your name, please email Flo at Practice sessions on Saturday April 8 will take place on East and... Read more

Alert Marin Keeps You Informed in an Emergency

In January 2013, Marin County launched an improved version of the Alert Marin Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS). Local emergency officials use TENS to deliver incident-specific information or potentially life-saving instructions to the geographic areas that are affected. Emergency situations that may trigger a TENS message include: Flooding, wildfires, and subsequent evacuations Public safety incidents... Read more