The Challenge of Sea Level Rise in Sausalito

February 3, the meeting room at the Bay Model was standing room only, with at least a quarter of the attendees from the docks. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Andy Gunther, gave one of the clearest explanations—in lay terms—of the overheating of our planet due to climate change. He noted,... Read more

Resilience Looks for Community Input

Upcoming Event: Housing Resilience November 1st | 6:30-8:30pm | CCA Nave Alcove  1111 8th St., San Francisco | Free and Open to the Public We’ll explore driving forces behind the Bay Area’s acute housing crisis, the potential impacts of climate change on housing, and opportunities to address overlapping risks of sea... Read more

Will Melting Iceberg Affect Richardson Bay?

Last week a colossal iceberg broke away from a section of Antarctica. Although we didn’t hear it cracking from our berths, the repercussions of that Delaware-sized iceberg will likely impact us and everyone on the planet. As scientists monitor the situation carefully, many are predicting an escalating pace at which... Read more

Embracing Sea Level Rise

What’s not to like about a beautiful photo, with the sky reflected back in a rippling pool of water? We put up with the king tides of winter, and some of us (East Pier and Gate 6 1/2, the further end of A Dock parking where 2 or 3 spots... Read more

Sea Level Rise — Resilient by Design

— CALL FOR SITE IDEAS — A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE — Some 60 years ago, the construction of the Bay Model helped engineers and hydrologists see the big picture, and better understand the ebb and flow of the estuaries and waterways that feed into San Francisco Bay. Working with nature, and not against it, and... Read more

FHA Board Meeting Notes – March 2017

TO KEEP EVERYONE UP TO DATE ON WHAT THE FHA BOARD IS DOING, HERE ARE SOME OF THE ITEMS THAT WERE DISCUSSED OR DECIDED AT THE MARCH, 2017 BOARD MEETING: After discussions led by Jen Gennari, the Board adopted the following FHA Vision Statement: “The Floating Homes Association is dedicated to fostering a friendly, inclusive, and colorful... Read more

Around the Table at Driver’s Market

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Driver’s Market on Caledonia —The BayWAVE Project: Supervisor Kate Sears on Sea Level Rise from Sausalito to Novato— Marin is at risk, today and in the future. We need to plan, coordinate, and act to prepare for rising tides.... Read more

Sea Level Rise – How Vulnerable is Marin?

Have you noticed higher tides? For several years, Marin County staff have been developing an assessment of what is vulnerable to sea level rise along our bay shoreline. To learn more, Supervisor Kate Sears invites us to a meeting on Tuesday, April 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the... Read more