A look Back on Government Posts 2017

The last of these posts looking back on 2017, the FHA Governmental committee stays abreast of issues which affect or will affect our lives, from water quality and developments in Richardson Bay to legislation that may not come into law for several years. Because our situation is so unique, we... Read more

Moondrifter Reverie

Keith Emmons, who lived as an anchor-out for ten years in the 1970s, is a poet and storyteller who has written numerous observations of that Utopian civic experience. In 1972, Keith and his fiancé were living in Oakland and planning a summer trip back East. They gave up their apartment... Read more

The Gift of Giving – Bridging the Divide

This year marks the 4th annual Holiday Anchor-Out Gift Bags project—an initiative launched in 2014 by husband and wife team Carolyn and Chad Carvey, in partnership with the Sausalito Lions Club and Christ Episcopal Church, with the support of local shops and organizations. This is the first year the Carveys have... Read more

RBRA Back in Business

The November 9 meeting of the Richardson Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) took place in Mill Valley City Council Chambers. Prior to the City of Sausalito’s withdrawal from the agency most RBRA meetings took place at the Sausalito City Chambers. Meeting locations will now rotate among the remaining members: Tiburon, Belvedere, Mill... Read more

Police Department Hosts Annual Anchor-Out Outreach Event

On Tuesday, November 7, the Police Department hosted its annual Anchor-Out Outreach Event in Dunphy Park for Sausalito’s anchor-out and homeless communities. Approximately forty people attended the event and received free medical care, clothing, and supplies. The relaxed atmosphere of the event also fostered open communication between officers and attendees.... Read more

Signs of Life at RBRA

The Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency has finally held its first public meeting since Sausalito withdrew from the organization at the end of June. A July meeting was cancelled due to lack of a quorum. Another meeting scheduled for August 10 was also cancelled. The agency held a closed session on... Read more

A New Era for Richardson Bay?

The City of Sausalito’s recent withdrawal from the Richardson Bay Regional Agency (RBRA), after more than 30 years, has generated a lot of press coverage and speculation. What happens next will affect the floating homes community. Here at the Floating Times, we feel it’s important to shed light on the... Read more

Anchor-Outs – Another Perspective

LIFE ON THE HOOK: Sausalito’s Floating ‘Homeless’—from Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore—first appeared June 30 on KQED’s The California Report. Just one of several recent pieces on homelessness (see all tagged stories here), this post is unique in that Mark Fiore gives both a face and a voice to... Read more

FHA Weighs in on Richardson’s Bay Management

At the May meeting of the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency, Teddie Hathaway of East Pier read the following statement, which had been discussed at an FHA Board meeting and approved by The Executive Committee: The Floating Homes Association is a volunteer civic group which represents the interests of the residents of... Read more

Sausalito Beefs Up Richardson Bay Enforcement

As we previously reported, the City of Sausalito gave notice in December that they might withdraw from the Richardson Bay Regional Agency effective July 1. The City expressed concern about the agency’s effectiveness in removing marine debris, navigational hazards, and unsafe occupied vessels. As we expected, they have now followed... Read more