What To Do With Our Piles of Obsolete Electronics

Itching to clear out some of your electronics? Items past their useful life or simply cluttering up your already storage-challenged floating home? Grab a cardboard box or tote and start piling up any electronics you no longer use. Bring your e-waste to the pop-up collection point at the corner of the Waldo... Read more

Charles Van Damme Ferry Project is On a Roll

  Among the WPH works-in-progress—(see the recent post: Waldo Point Project Update)—is the development of the Waldo Point Park, at Gate 6 Road. Nestled into the elbow where Issaquah joins the area adjacent the newly constructed Charles Van Damme floating pier—(the area that was the COOP)—the park will contain an observation... Read more

Waldo Point Harbor Project Update

Dan Hughes, WPH project manager, provided the following update for the state of the multiyear reconfiguration of Waldo Point Harbor and the Gates Cooperative. For back history, please read about it here. The Coop homes are moving to the new Charles Van Damme floating dock, and several now call the south... Read more

Save the Date: e-Waste Collection Oct 22

The Conservation Corps North Bay has teamed with the Floating Homes Association to host an e-waste collection day. The event will take place two months from now: Saturday October 22, in the Waldo Point Harbor parking lot where Bridgeway meets Gate 6 Road. Watch this space for further details. Get... Read more

Waterside Numbers

  Why install waterside numbers? IF we had to carry out a water rescue, or needed to remove people from the waterside, the Marine Patrol could more easily find the home. IF we had a fire on a dock, we might find we’d need to remove people by water. And... Read more

FHA Board Meeting Notes – July 18, 2016

To keep everyone up to date on what the FHA Board has been doing, here’s a bullet list of the important and interesting things that happened at the July 18, 2016 Board Meeting: Our webmaster is developing a comprehensive community map for the website. The Conservation Corps North Bay has offered to partner with the... Read more