New Safety Signage at Gate 6 Intersection

Pedestrians trying to cross Bridgeway coming from Marin City on Donohue St. are getting some much-needed assistance these days. A sign facing the right turn lane onto Bridgeway warns drivers to yield to pedestrians before turning. A similar sign is posted on the median, for drivers turning right from the... Read more

RBRA, BCDC to Discuss Anchor-Out Timeline

Back in April, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) directed the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) to “provide a concise policy proposal that will result in removing all illegal anchor-outs from the Bay within five years.” The RBRA has called that five-year timeline infeasible—even under the best of circumstances,... Read more

Marin Recovery Planning

The County of Marin, in collaboration with individuals from cities and towns across the County, is launching  the website to connect local residents, business owners, community leaders and public health professionals to collaborate on reopening the economy and community in a safe manner. “The goal is to provide a mobile-optimized,... Read more

Latest Anchor-Out Developments

  The Marin IJ recently reported that the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency has filed its plan with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission to keep the anchorage clear of marine debris and derelict vessels. In December, the BCDC directed the agency and Sausalito to submit plans by March 31 on... Read more

RBRA Explores Anchor-Out Solutions

On Thursday, March 12, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) had its monthly meeting at Tiburon Town Hall. The meeting was highly anticipated because of two recent requirements laid down from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC). Those requirements were 1) the RBRA was to remove from Richardson’s Bay... Read more

BCDC Pushes RBRA To Remove Anchor-Outs from Richardson Bay

At its November 14, 2019 meeting, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) presented the long-awaited mooring assessment study, conducted by Merkel & Associates of San Diego. The study examines the ecology of Richardson Bay and the feasibility of installing a mooring field to possibly accommodate anchor-out vessels. About a week... Read more

Richardson Bay in the News – Again

Gate 6 ½ resident Claudia Cowan, a reporter for Fox News, has posted an update to the anchor-out situation off our shores. And writer Sharon McDonnell, who attended our September 14 open homes tour, recorded some very favorable impressions of our community for Roadtrippers Magazine. Her piece includes some gorgeous... Read more

Gate Six Intersection Safety Improvements Delayed

Safe travel through the Gate 6 intersection for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians has been delayed, once again. In April 2019, the Sausalito City Council approved a motion to solicit bids for the construction of improvements to the intersection at Gate 6 Road, but Sausalito Project Manager Jill Barnes wrote in... Read more

Marinship General Plan Vision

On Nov 12 the Sausalito City Council recommended a Marinship vision to guide Marinship-related policies for the City’s General Plan Update. * This is but one step in a long process—the plan itself still needs to be approved. Here, FHA president Michael Labate speaks to the Marinship-specific aspects of The Plan and... Read more

Richardson’s Bay in the News…Again

The national media’s fascination with our anchor-out neighbors continues. The May 17 Wall St. Journal carried an article titled: “Home Prices Lead Some To the Water,” which is available online under a longer headline. Writer Jim Carlton leads off by stating: “Homelessness has become such a big problem in the... Read more